I’m good at starting but not finishing….

Posted: August 4, 2012 in Life and Stuff and You know...
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Hello world! I am Kendra Mack and I’m a chronic starter. I start new projects all the time. I love that “new new” feeling. Brand new ideas with brand new passion…yup I’m hooked. But I suck at finishing. I get bored really easy, so it’s really hard to focus once that feeling is gone. I know some could relate maybe you can’t. So this summer I started trying to finish things that I start. Like my book project (not finished but at least I’m still working on it) which has evolved and I maybe getting my “new new” back. I started a health regimen(we’re still in the starting gate lol) this is going to be tough. I also started taking better care of me which is working well. I feel less stressed about somethings and letting people help themselves before I go bending backwards for no reason other than I was programmed to do it.
Now with all that said, I know and acknowledge I suck at finishing. I’m human but this is getting chronic because I need to finish things. I need that accomplished feeling (which I love more than the new new feeling). I need to know that even though things begin they have to end. Life is not just some really long video…this movie will end and I want to have something to show for it.

  1. its like seeing a mirror

  2. The more I journey into other peoples posts the more I realise we are all one and the same under the skin.

  3. NicoleRacquel says:

    The feeling you get when you start something new is awesome! It’s like a rush. I’m working hard to finish some writing projects so I know exactly what you mean. Sick of my fam asking, “Are you finished yet?” Lol

  4. yes, very difficult to finishing

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