Chicken nuggets of wisdom…

Posted: August 5, 2012 in Life and Stuff
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I’m laying here in bed going over my seemingly overly traumatic day. The ruined movie, the horrible wake up call, and the family meeting o__O. What a day but some good did happen. I saw,my best friend who moved to AZ. I got the news I’ll be moving soon enough(THANK GOD!!!!). I also had chicken nuggets from McDonalds and they made me smile. Now I could be in tears over the days events and I could be happier about moving but the nuggets really did it for me.

Happy is a journey not a place to be picked out and absently driven too. No a clear choice to yell or smile. To cry or get up. To speak on it or shut up about it. I been racking my brains trying to figure out why I’m so mad. Well I came to the painstakingly obvious reason…I choose to. I choose to cry instead of get up. I choose to yell instead of smile. So I’m choosing to eat my nuggets and be happy.

  1. dipaolamomma says:

    I’m always in favor of choosing the nuggets. Smile on!

  2. i love chicken nuggets too

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