I took a big step today…

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Life and Stuff
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I put the deposite down on my first apartment today. If all goes well I’ll be moving in saturday maybe friday night. This is the first time I’ve lived on my own. Excitement and nerves have been holding me captive today. Right now is the calmest I have been since the lady showed me the place. I had been stressing thinking that finding place wasn’t going to happen. Ain’t never been that upset. Some of the tension has left my body. I’m so proud of myself for making such a big step out on faith. My Mum is so proud of me too. Even though we been going at it…she still showed me love. I went there thinking I wasn’t going to love it. Walked in felt like home. I just pictured me there…I made a good decision.

I’m nervous about living all ALONE. I’m used to waking up to houseful of people. I think it’ll be weird to wake up to silence. I mean it’ll be great for a little while. But haven’t you ever felt like you’d spent too much time with yourself? I feel that way sometimes and then I get real social lol. I’m gonna miss my brother. He’s my best friend. My patna in crime!!! We have too much fun just sitting around shooting the shit. It’s just gonna be me most of the time.

It’s a chance to make new memories and see who I am on mg own. I can actually enjoy taking care of myself. I took a big step and I’m ready to take more.

  1. Congrats.
    Waiting for such a day of my life. 🙂

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