In the silence I’m learning

Posted: August 16, 2012 in Life and Stuff, Love and Stuff
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When it’s really quiet I listen. I listen to the sound of the air conditioner humming, or the fan blowing; often brings peace. At night the sirens, traffic, and wind soothe me. I like hear the tea pot whistle when making my evening cup of tea make me smile. The sizzle of my dinner in the pan forces me to be patient. See in the silence I’m learning that I move way too much and don’t enjoy the little things. The birds, the wind, the sound of traffic all of that can be and should be looked at in positive light many times. I mean it could be worse.I could, blind, deaf, or whatever else you could think of. Why take these for granted?

The silence is also teaching me a lot about myself. What I really like. Things I don’t like.Who my real friends are. I’m learning I need to be more self motivated when I’m tired. I’m learning that I’m very creative when bored. I’m getting my childhood imagination back slowly but surely. I’m falling in love with myself all over again. So I’m learning new ways to take care of myself. Learning in the silence is truly going to be a journey for sure.


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