Summers End…

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Life and Stuff, Uncategorized
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Well summer is drawing to a close. All the kiddos are pretty much back in school( my brother doesn’t go back until September). That means the days will be shorter and the weather will be cooling off. Thank heavens because here in Texas it’s been too hot.The pools are closed and college students are hitting the books. The weather will soon be crisp and slightly windy. I’m loving it. I love the summer don’t get me wrong but all the fun holidays are in the fall and winter. Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday and last but not least Christmas and New Years. I mean when it gets cooler family time gets warmer. Plus my birthday is in December and who isn’t excited about their birthday?

But as summer closes and fall is ushered in it’s the sounds that really get you. The sound of the wind whipping past your ears; making you tighten you hoodie. School bells ringing reminding you not to be late. I love the sound of laughter while having family gatherings. Even some of the bickering makes me smile sometimes. I can’t help but enjoy the sound of cars in the distance. I know that’s weird but if you listen in the quiet when in the cool air, you car the hear them sipping off somewhere. Maybe to see a loved one, work, or to have a baby delivered. Who knows but I love the sound. There’s the church bells across the street from me; I can’t wait to hear them in the fall air, then winter time cool.

I know these sounds may mean nothing to you. I’m sure you’ll think I”m a nut job, but I can’t help it. These sounds, wondrously simple sounds remind me I’m home. Home is where my heart lives and this year I get to learn new sounds. I get to make new memories to make a new soundtrack to. I’m a simple girl who just can’t wait for summers end



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