An update on life alone….

Posted: September 23, 2012 in Life and Stuff
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Living on my own for the past month, 2 weeks and 1 day have been rough. From running out of food at one point. Having an insect problem. The fact that staff was trying to stick me in a financial hole, but I with a lot of prayer and my mom I avoided that. The lowliness has also been hard on me too. I’m not used to being away from my mom this long. She’s been a trooper coming to see me and eating dinner with me. She also comes to get me during the day so I don’t have to spend the day trapped in house. But it has also been very fun and enlightening I love my neighbors who have been very sweet to me. Checking on me to see if I need anything or giving me advice. They have also let me use their appliances and let me chill in their A/C. I am learning that I am stronger than. I thought I was. That I what I knew should be what I know. That being that God should be first and foremost in the move period. He’s blessed me so much and I wasn’t counting my blessings. I’m not completely used to living on my own but I’m getting there. Everyday is a new day, and sometimes I’ll have to cry myself to sleep; but in the morning cometh the joy. In the morning another chance to get it right.

Living on my own hasn’t been easy but it’s getting better. I’ve refined my budgeting skills a bit. I am becoming a better and more creative cook. Being friendly is my new found passion. I’ve become quite the card player and have picked up a few new skills. I’m helping a friend with his small business venture. And my book project is back on and I have a new vision for it. I have a new found passion for everything. Including learning to do things on my own and my first step is getting over being alone first. I want to hold on to this for as long as possible. Hopefully this will be a permanent step forward.


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