We’re Not Alone…

Posted: October 17, 2012 in Life and Stuff
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I may often be pegged as the biggest optimist in the world, but that only applies when I’m lifting someone else up. I am your biggest cheerleader when things get rough. Yet when I am going through the wringer; I try and do it myself. Usually not telling anyone I’m struggling until I’m wearing it on my face and reek of stress. Then and only then will I accept any form of encouragement. This is a horrible trait for someone who loves to help others. Sometimes I get so down, and feel so alone, and that no one will understand exactly what’s going on. Exactly how much I may want something but can’t motivate myself to get up and reach for it; or the guilt in knowing I could but I can’t. Those feeling can become overwhelming for just one soul to bear. Have you ever felt this way? Can you relate?

“When your in that state of mind…you can’t help but feel alone”

When your in that state of mind you can’t help but feel alone. You can’t help but unknowingly push people away. You have to snap yourself out of it. Or at least have someone give you a good slap across the back of the head ” Wake Up, I’m here” is what they’ll say (my friends are literal, maybe yours aren’t so rough). Like a sunrise you realize somebody cares. Somebody can relate. Somebody understands, because if they didn’t why would they stop you from wallowing? I’ve noticed when I get like this it’s because I missed the warning signs; that I was getting in too deep without a life jacket . When you want something so bad that can happen, and then the isolation begins and then loneliness.There are also those times when nothing short of God is the only thing that can bring you out, or motivate you to get something done. I’m having one of those days today. I literally had to pray myself off my couch (where I slept for whatever reason). I’m praying myself through this post as we speak. I want this to make sense so bad.

The point is loneliness is often just in our heads. We have friends and family members who probably know what we’re feeling. They can help if we let them. There are other people, bloggers, authors, etc. who we can relate too. If you believe in God as I do; you know that’s he’s with us all the time. Even in the lowest moments; when I can’t muster the strength to call his name, he’s there. We are not as alone as we think. We just have to snap out of it long enough to realize we have a team of supporters to help us through the rough patches, but they can’t help us until we acknowledge and accept that we need it. I know that’s one of my biggest flaws and I’m working on it. I need help! I’m saying it out loud. So I will make that call and ask for it. Will you? If you have don’t have anyone I’m here. I can relate to a lot and like I said earlier I will be your biggest cheerleader!! Hopefully someone will get something out this…maybe snap out of the trance.

  1. This is me too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. The more of my posts you read the more you will see ones like this pop up from time to time. Helping us to stretch our faith to reach for His hand so we can grow into a new level of deeper reliance upon Him..Blessings to you!

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