Patience is truly a virtue I need to work on…

Posted: October 20, 2012 in Life and Stuff, Life and Stuff and You know...
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I am writing this and praying I don’t have a nervous break down at the same time. My nerves are shot and the night is still young. I’m babysitting a 5 year old and 7 year old. Good ages right? Wrong their insane with pent up energy and my place is not equipped to handle them. My bestie wanted to have date night with her beau and I needed some quick cash. Why not I said plus I get the cash upfront, right? Well I must say I could’ve made it without the money. Now don’t get me wrong I love these kids like they’re my own and have been taking care of them since they were babies, but I just don’t have the same patience. When I was living here at my mom’s; I was constantly surrounded by kids. I loved hanging out with them. I was known as the “babysitter” to everyone in the neighborhood.

Then I moved into my own place and got used to the quiet. Got used to just feeding myself. Not having to run orders to “get down”, “sit down”, “leave it alone”. I don’t have to raise my voice or anything. So when I do watch the kids now… I literally have to keep from pulling my hair out. I’m not used to the loudness anymore and I think that’s my main problem. Then the running in the house or my little apartment; and I live with a majority of elderly people. When they were younger they were so well behaved; I didn’t mind running them around with me. Staying the night, but now they got to go home. I ask what time exactly their mom is coming back and have them ready, if I haven’t put them to bed. So, now I’m about ready to put their tails to bed like it’s a school night.

I can barely get through this post because I’m disciplining the kids now. I been trying to write this for two hours already. I mean sheesh! I’m so frazzled and ready to go to bed already. I’m usually getting ready for bed by now. In the next hour I’ll take my medicine but there won’t be a bedtime for me. Nope I’ll be waiting for the kids to go home. Why oh why did I agree to do this. I love my babies dearly but I just don’t have the patience. These kids aren’t terrible and are super loving they just don’t have anything to do here, because the oldest child here is 14. I mean come on and they didn’t bring stuff to do, which I always say bring. Ugh, I’m just tired I guess. Today hasn’t been the greatest and I really just wanna curl up in my bed. But I digress, I agreed to babysit and now I have to follow through. Only a little while left anyway right?

How do you keep your patience from running low? In any situation. I can take all the advice I can get.

  1. I sympathise with your situation Mizz Mack, I just agreed to babysit two separate babies on two different days this week and I’m just a tad anxious. My youngest child is 9 and it has been a joy to clear out all the toys and kids things I used to keep around for friends children, and relax without running around keeping them entertained. Just when I think I’m in the clear My Bestie goes and has another bub and her sister does also. Their Mum passed away a few years ago and I can’t imagine how stressful it would be to leave my baby with someone other than family in the first year. These sisters have very little family near by so I feel the urge to help them out.
    I used to be a children’s entertainer, you know sing and dance and keep the kids occupied with games etc, but I’m too tired and broken to keep that up for long these days. I suggest (if it’s not too late or for next time) that you teach them a card game, perhaps Gin Rummy (easy peasy) or play 20 questions, or limbo or celebrity head. You could read them a Bible story and ask them to give you a list of things that they took away from it. Or give them plenty of Chamomile tea to chill them out! Patience is only learned in time spent waiting, so by waiting for them to be collected you are already gaining patience! Blessings to you! .. (Please remind me of this if you come across a similar post appear on my blog next week LOL)

    • Thank you for these ideas!!! They will come in handy because it’s almost inevitable that I will have them again LOL. I used to do this all the time but I’m rusty. I couldn’t imagine what your friend and her sister are going through. Let alone let someone who isn’t family babysit. That is a blessing that they consider you family and hats off to you for taking on such little kids! I’m sure you will do just fine and your not broken; just a work in progress. I will gladly remind you if I see a similar post. ( And if you see me post something like this again do the same for me LOL)

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