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The awesome feeling you get when you see the growth in your writing!!! Yay me!! Just thought I’d honk my own horn for a little bit.



My brain hurts from all the activity it’s gotten today. Yes, that sounds rather suspect; as to say I don’t stimulate the organ much, but I do. A lot actually! It’s just today I have been going nonstop playing catch up with my blogs, fanpage, Instagram, and still trying to; edit, revise, and create new poetry for my book. I’ve been going nonstop for eight and a half hours. Let’s not forget all the lowly writer has consumed is a cup of coffee and a coke. Not much human contact except for a few online interactions and a check in with my mum. I spent much of my weekend like this as well. This wallflower is ready to bloom.

I have to say even though my aching head feels like it’s going to explode…it feels good to flex my muscle. I had been worried that I lost my mojo. That I couldn’t put words together or tell stories like I used to, but I got it still. Can’t pump them out as fast as I used to but it’s going quality not quantity. Ya girl still put out bangers though.

For sake of my sanity, my social media, and my poor hands though…I think a much needed break shall be taken. Gotta walk away so I can come back with fresh thoughts and a clear head. Plus not everything is even gonna be used. It just feels good to be in the zone again. Poor brain gets plenty stimulation but hardly any release due to long stints of writers block. You understand why I opened the way I did now? I probably won’t rest too long but I will take what I can get.


I dreamed a dream so bright…
I saw our love in lights
Falling from the sky like rain
Dripping down my skin
Saturating my soul
Such a beautiful sight to behold


She hadn’t seen him in forever
She was shocked to see he hadn’t changed
Not a bit
He smiled at her beautiful face
She had changed so much
But not too much
Hands on her waist
Arms around his neck
No one else around
Just us
In love
She hadn’t seen him in forever
She was overjoyed that he felt the same
Nothing changed
He smiled at her beautiful face
She was just as amazing
Exactly the same

Our Bedroom After War.