The Purpose

The purpose of this blog is to show the beauty of random thinking and humanizing me the author. Now that last part probably makes no sense because I am not a machine or animal. I am human but sometimes I think when we get too formal we can forget that it’s OK not to be specific. I am a poet but I don’t just write poetry. I love to write but I also like photography. I have mental illness but I am not crazy. I’m HUMAN!

Formal doesn’t always work for me and I don’t do things the way others do them. This blog is about pinning down a few of many thought that constantly fly through my mind. Maybe you can relate to them or not, but at least you get to see things, from a different point of view.

This is a journey for me and I thought maybe a few random people would like to go with me. Maybe we can find our purposes together



  1. Jay says:

    My path is for today., without any clear destination at the end. I’m going to follow your journey.

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