Diminshing Passion

Posted: December 22, 2012 in Life and Stuff, Spilled Ink

ideasAs of late I haven’t been writing much. A few poems here and there compared to the dozens I’d do. Time seems to drag when I pick up the pen to do simple journal entries and those are becoming sparse. A blog binge every couple of weeks. I love to write, to create, but I can’t help but noticing the lack of drive. What has caused this is probably stress and life over the last 6 months.

I used to be able to write poem after poem; on any day of the week. I could pump out a short story in a matter of days. I was journaling consecutively. I was really doing my thing with the pen and pad. Also being my own worst critic and still managing to like a majority of my stuff. I had really hit my niche. Then I moved out of the comfort of my mother’s home and into the world. I left the nest and was bursting with emotions. The best way to catch them all and deal with them would usually been writing. Yet I really couldn’t say all I wanted to say in poetry. So I started blogging more; including this one. that was helping. Then life happened and I had to learn some patience while dealing with the staff here. Dealing with them took away from my writing time. Plus I wasn’t used to being alone so much, I wouldn’t stay home. Really being on the move killed the little writing spirit in me. Come on I was hardly sitting down to think; let alone try and put something on paper.

And that has pretty much continued until right now. My passion had/has left me temporarily but I’m sure it will return. My love for reading has come back and I spend plenty of my free time; with my nose buried between the pages of some book. I worked a lot this year and really didn’t start to enjoy it until the end. I figure that’s why I’ve put somethings on hold. That and much needed growing I did. So I’m no longer worried about my passion. It’s still there simmering under the surface. Simply waiting on the chance to escape and show the world what it’s been missing. I’ll just do what I can while I can and enjoy those little victories for now; a poem, story outline, or article idea.

  1. I understand and want you to relax and enjoy a sabbatical of sorts. Enjoy reading again, and catch up on those things we push to the side so we can remain in the blogosphere. It is tough to keep up to full time, that is why I go on Blog fasts. I refuse to look at my computer for 3 days at a time. It helps break things up. Blessings to you and looking forward to your return. 🙂

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