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I found this and thought it to be quite amazing. It should be a universal warning card given out by writers; professional, ameture, poet, novelist, children’s book author etc. A wronged writer is a wronged writer and the above statement is true…we do get our revenge in print, and I am a firm believer that print is forever (this includes publishing on the internet;especially). If you are an antagonist in real life, eventually you make to the page as one. Then you are at the mercy of the author for the duration of the passage.  So make sure it’s not an author that you have personally have pissed off in on way or another. This may not mean much, but it symbolizes a moment where something about your character changed and became a negative factor in the authors life and now that flaw and that moment live for eternity in ink…permante marker…even if no one knows you; they do. So you’ve been warned. Be weary of writers…our revenge is printable…


Sometimes I don’t always say what I should or need to say. Not because I can’t but because it won’t be taken the right way or misunderstood. I think others feel this way too. It’s nothing wrong with censoring yourself sometimes, but often times we do it out of habit. I’m used to being the quiet girl and I even embodied that persona for a long time. Then people get to know who you really are and seem surprised that you have the nerve or audacity to say “Fuck off”! It’s not my job to make you understand or get everything that comes out of my mouth. You have a brain use it. If I’m being blunt then there is nothing to “try and get”. If I’m trying to share something with you and you don’t get it…that’s not necessarily my problem. I can explain it to you again but still if you don’t get me; what else can I do. Not everything out of any ones mouth is plain and simple. Especially in times of stress, depression, drama, or whatever life throws at us. Life is just funny that way sometimes. We’re all guilty of taking what someone says and misinterpreted it. It happens but it is not the speaker fault all the time. We have ask ourselves it can’t be them all the time…maybe it is me. I am going to start speaking my mind more and you’ll just have to take away what you can from it. If it needs more clarity I can give it. But if you understand it differently then it’s not my fault.