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I found this and thought it to be quite amazing. It should be a universal warning card given out by writers; professional, ameture, poet, novelist, children’s book author etc. A wronged writer is a wronged writer and the above statement is true…we do get our revenge in print, and I am a firm believer that print is forever (this includes publishing on the internet;especially). If you are an antagonist in real life, eventually you make to the page as one. Then you are at the mercy of the author for the duration of the passage.  So make sure it’s not an author that you have personally have pissed off in on way or another. This may not mean much, but it symbolizes a moment where something about your character changed and became a negative factor in the authors life and now that flaw and that moment live for eternity in ink…permante marker…even if no one knows you; they do. So you’ve been warned. Be weary of writers…our revenge is printable…


I’m usually not the emotional type…when it comes to national strategies. I can usually detach myself and see from a different point of view. Then there’s tragic events like today. I love kids and it always hurts me when they get hurt. I have pick up a crying baby and comfort upset toddlers. I can’t even begin to fathom how I would’ve reacted. 

I just don’t know how you could kill a kid. I don’t understand why you’d ever have the idea going through your head. You have to be insane…right? I know things can get overwhelming, but you should never take it out on the little ones. My heart hurts and is heavy with grief. I pray for the families and the victims. I know it’s a special place in heaven for those children. I can’t and won’t try to imagine what the’re going through. All I can say is God knows better than we do and all things work for the good of the kingdom. 

If you have a kids or are close to a child please go love them. Hug them and kiss them;tell them how much they mean to you. You never know when or if you’ll see them again even in the safest places.